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Keynote Speaker Suggestions - Open December 31, 2011 - January 7, 2012

Please use the space below to indicate your preferences for those we should consider inviting to participate as keynote speakers at Wikimania 2012. Who would you like to see, and why would you like to hear that person speak? If you have a link to a video of your nominee's past speaking engagement, that would be especially helpful.


The format is as follows:

  • Name:
    • Why?
    • Past Speaking Engagements
    • Additional Signatures

Special guidelines for this page

  1. This page will only be open for suggestions from December 30 to January 6.
  2. Do NOT use this page to indicate potentially negative aspects of a speaker. Negative comments will be removed.
  3. You are encouraged to voice support for other nominations by adding a "+1" or providing additional information on what makes the nominee a good candidate for a keynote speech.
  4. The format of the submission style is purposefully simplified.


  • Name: Belgium Dries Buytaert (proposed by: MADe)
    • Founder of a popular opensource software program. Can tell Wikipedians something about promoting a brand, working together, the combination of a opensource with a commercial company having the copyright on the logos and names, ...
    • KS at several Drupal and opensource conferences all around the world
    • Additional Signatures
Note: he is member of the WMF Advisory Board SPQRobin 02:52, 5 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Name: Gabriella "Biella" Coleman
    • Anthropologist of digital media, Anonymous, open source, and distributed collaboration
      • Could shed light on vandalism problems in a new and useful way
    • Videos of past speaking engagements available at
    • Submitted by: Sumana Harihareswara mw:User:Sumanah
  • Name: Stephen Colbert and/or Jon Stewart
    • Because of their love for us, because it could give them some material for their shows and because it can be hilarious! A good laugh keynote would definitely not hurt.
    • Did several comedy shows where Wikipedia was mentioned etc.
    • Suggesteed by: Lodewijk Gelauff, User:Lodewijk