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Submissions/Disaster Wiki – A Framework for Disseminating Emergency Information

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Disaster Wiki – A Framework for Emergency Information

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Patrick Hardy

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One of the ongoing challenges for emergency managers at the local, state and national levels is the dissemination and acquisition of up-to-date disaster information. After-Action Reviews from all the major disasters experienced in the 21st century all cite the need for greater information awareness for the public and disaster responders.

Therefore, this session proposes a framework for the first disaster wiki.

Currently, disaster responders who have critical information for the public rely on elected officials who hold impromptu news conferences to disseminate it. This information is usually too generalized to be useful, and can be obsolete before the news conference begins. Further, citizens who are experiencing the disaster have valuable bits of information that are never assimilated back to responders. Therefore, I propose the usage of wiki technology as a common technology platform for the dissemination of on-going disaster updates accessible to everyone for contribution and use. The public which requests certain infrastructure/government aid/response updates can simultaneously provide updates on ongoing hazards and “on the ground” information to disaster responders. A wiki platform would be an ideal place for collective sharing of this information that would be accessible to all the parties involved. Information that could be shared includes:

1. Shelter information and Status of the release of government/non-profit disaster relief aid;

2. Safety information, including major hazards (down power lines, HAZMAT etc.)

3. Infrastructure updates (utilities, cell towers, government offices etc.)

When working on major disasters such as Hurricane Gustav and the BP spill, we found that a common platform can be implemented successfully. We had workers at various disaster sites providing us with ongoing 24/7 information on a closed software platform, which resulted in lower injury rates and higher efficiency for recovery of operations. This idea expands on the concept to a universal platform for use during disasters.

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