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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Violence Against Women
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Piyush Aggarwal
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Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India
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Its sad to say that women belong to those category of human beings whose human rights are violated most often. In the discourse that decides their destiny Women don't even have a voice. All they have is their body and that too is not their own, as society claims it to be the emblems of our cultural values. Every society must give freedom to their Women. They should be free to choose their clothes, free to travel anywhere they want, free to set their own social norms to socialize. If in case Women exceed in their norms, society must have the self-correcting mechanisms. In today's world violence against women is increasing exponentially. Out of total crimes committed, only few women show courage to report it to the authorities in hope to get a fair trial and out of those reported, only those who are lucky enough gets the justice after a long process due to certain holes in our judicial system. Through this platform I would like to propose a system which is for the Women and by the Women. The system should enable Women to come forward and report anything which they haven't reported so far without revealing their identity. Using statisical analysis we'll advocate with the government for an improved and efficient system which should not discuss Women's rights different from human rights. In the end I would like to quote Margaret Thatcher - "When you want something said, ask a man. When you want something done, ask a woman."
Wikis and the Public Sector
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25 Minutes
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I would love to attend but I can only come with a scholarship.
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Under preparation
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Morning Session (Before Lunch)

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