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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Wiki based governance

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Susanna Mkrtchyan

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Head of sector at the Institute for Informatics and Automation problems of National Academy of Science of Republic Armenia, Ph.D. of technical sciences.

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Imagine a world where every human being may participate in improvement of the world. Wiki Based Governance.

Disappointment in decisions of authorities in many countries became more and more. There are many objective causes that even very responsible authorities can't deal with. The approach suggested here would help the authorities to make decisions in collaboration with the public (accept best ideas), and the people become familiar with the laws and government’s decisions. The more important is that the people can participate in estimating and increasing the law level and decisions. Wikilaw: A new Wikimedia project is suggested. In general the project is the same as Wikipedia. The project needs the preparatory phase: uploading laws of many countries into Wikilaw-each law under one wiki article and links to appropriate articles in other languages.

The only difference in solid structure of articles is the following: Every article consists of five components: review, law itself, draft law, part of suggestions and references to appropriate government decisions (or just decisions).

Review: The short description what the law is about.

The law itself: Law adopted by the Parliament.

Draft law: The current version of law, where everyone can edit.

Area for suggestions: The suggestions in order to improve the law, every can write his ideas in free form.

References to Government decisions: All government decisions associated with the given law.

The development of this project is realistic, because of the current laws of every country are available in electronic versions too.

Gathered the versions of a concrete law from many countries together with suggestions in one place would help both the authorities to compare them, follow the whole process from drafting to its adoption and implementation to the public life and the public to acknowledge and improve it. In addition, this project will help as the authorities to estimate and understand the significance of Wiki projects and as well the public to participate in all Wiki projects.

In case of success the idea behind the program can be applied to all aspects of state governance The suggested approach will change destructive tendencies into creative ones. Using Wiki technology and ideology is suggested in making decisions. The idea is only to collect the creative ideas in all branches of state governance.

Wikis and the Public Sector
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25 Minutes
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Depends on scholarship.

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