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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

Scholarship Team

  • Jessie Wild, Scholarships Program Manager (Wikimedia Foundation staff)
  • Sage Ross, Wikimania 2012 Scholarships Reviewer (Washington DC team representative)
  • TSB, Wikimania 2012 Scholarships Reviewer
  • Angela Beesley Starling, Wikimania 2012 Scholarships Reviewer
  • Alice Wiegand, Wikimania 2012 Scholarships Reviewer
  • Ting Chen, Wikimania 2012 Scholarships Reviewer
  • Delphine Ménard, Wikimania 2012 Scholarships Reviewer
  • Beatriz Busaniche, Wikimania 2012 Scholarships Reviewer



  • Assistance in determination of scholarship applicant requirements.
  • Assurance of due consideration and speedy response time to Wikimania scholarship applications.
  • Estimated time: ~55 hours
Sample activities
  • Participating in periodic online meetings with scholarships program manager and volunteer committee.
  • Determining suitability of candidates based on established criteria.
  • Selecting scholarship awardees.

Local Wikimania representative

  • See above (Reviewers)
  • Serve as the communication point between the scholarship proceedings and the local Wikimania team
    • Answer local team's questions
    • Update committee on important points regarding the conference planning (e.g., timelines)
  • Monitor OTRS with questions regarding the scholarship
Sample activities
  • See above (Reviewers)
  • Answer OTRS queries
  • Help in all visa-related issues

WMF Representative

  • Helps organize the review committee
  • Makes final selection of scholarship recipients, based on Committee's recommendations
  • Point of individual contact for all scholarship recipients
  • Coordinates travel arrangements for full scholarship recipients
  • Ensures reimbursements for scholarship recipients
  • Conducts research following Wikimania