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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Volunteer Internship
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Marius Fischer
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Universität Bremen
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Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Marius and I am a twenty-four year old student from Germany. I am studying cultural sciences and the wikimedia project fascinates me. For me, Wikipedia is the greatest cultural achievement off our time, maybe the greatest cultural achievement in world history, but I am not sure about that yet. I still need some time to think it through.

This is not a proposal for a submission, but sort of an application to help to organize the wikimania 2012. I would like to be part of this wonderful event, so I am offering my physical and mental skills (strong young man, fluent in english, spanish, french and german, trying to improve the world) to help you with the work and difficulties an event like the wikimania generates.

It is possible for me to join you in the United States whenever you want. I can help you soon with your work in the office or later to prepare the actual event. If you are interested in me, I surely can send you a "real" application. I don´t need any payment, but it would be helpful for my future if I could have a certificate of an internship after the event. For any questions or answers, please contact me at george_venezuela@hotmail.com

Yours truly

Marius Fischer

Length of presentation/talk
Two weeks up to three months
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Would love to
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