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One step to install

To install git on Windows, download and install this .exe.

Note: It will ask you a bunch of questions. It is a good idea to accept the defaults (including the first choice of "Use Git Bash only").

Configure git: name and email address

The final step for configuring git is to tell git your name and email address. To do that, open up Git Bash, which should appear in Start -> Programs -> Git -> Git Bash.

In this special terminal, type this command to set your name (replacing Mister Roboto with your name):

    git config --global user.name "Mister Roboto"

In the same terminal, type this command to set your email address. (Be sure to replace myself@example.com with whichever email address you use!) Later, Git will store your name and email address along with your changes whenever you commit changes to the git repository.

   git config --global user.email myself@example.com

Two more thing: let's enable color, just to make your life easier.

   git config --global color.ui true

One more thing: let's complete the installation. Type this command then enter.


Okay, that's it!

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