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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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A Knowledge Diversity Toolkit for Wikipedia

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Angelika Adam, Anselm Metzger, Fabian Flöck, Delia Rusu

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Angelika Adam (WMDE)

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Germany, Romania

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Wikimedia Deutschland, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Jožef Stefan Institute

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We will present and discuss the current state of our knowledge diversity toolkit we established on the Wikimedia Toolserver to offer interested Wikipedians a participation channel for testing, assessing and commenting on our works in the RENDER project concerning various aspects of diversity monitoring and management in Wikipedia. ( - remark to reviewers: the link is already live as a sneak preview. It will be fully operational by 01/05/2012)

The German Wikimedia chapter is a use case partner in the EU-funded research project RENDER (Reflecting Knowledge Diversity), which is aiming to help building a truly diversified Wikipedia. During the recent month we identified timeliness, thematic coverage and neutrality as different aspects of diversity in Wikipedia, which are necessary to ensure high-quality article content. Beyond, we developed together with our project partners analysis tools concerning these identified diversity aspects. The toolkit contains a collection of all tools which are recently developed and it will be continuously extended. So it provides a central access point to current and future results.

At this time this toolkit contains the following four tools:

  • LEA (Link ExtrActor) - a tool, which is useful to find out which concept should be linked and which concept should be added by creating a new article
  • Change Detector - this tool shows high editing activity in Wikipedia on a certain day by analysing different language versions. It could be used to identify outdated articles in certain languages.
  • Wikipedia Map - a tool to visualise geo-tagged articles in different Wikipedia language versions
  • Corpex (Wikipedia Corpora Explorer) - a tool to visualise the frequency and the occurrence of letters, words and short two-word expressions in different language versions of Wikipedia.

Further tools will concern different approaches using the massive amount of metadata available within Wikipedia, as well as a series of external information sources.

The aim of this workshop is to inform the Wikipedia community of our work, and to offer them to be involved, especially in order to use their expertise and experience with dealing with the topics of knowledge diversity in Wikipedia.


Research, Analysis, and Education

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25 - 30 Minutes

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Unsure, due to funding.

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