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Submissions/An Orphan wants to be adopted

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is a withdrawn submission for Wikimania 2012.

      • Sorry, I will not attend the conference. The scholarship came too late.

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An Orphan wants to be adopted

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Ovedc (talk)

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Wikimedia Israel

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The aim of this submission is to introduce one WikiProject run on Hebrew Wikipedia and lessons which we can learn from it; An orphan is defined as "a page with few or no links from other pages." These pages can still be found by searching Wikipedia, but it is preferable that they can also be reachable by links from related pages; it is therefore helpful to add links from other suitable pages with similar and/or related information. De-orphaning articles is an important aspect of building the web. I would like to share in this presentation my experiences about this WikiProject. I will give in my presentation tips and tricks on how to manage a WikiProject for Orphans, including:

  1. educating contributors
  2. maintaining the lists
  3. 4 stage to de-orphaning:
    1. Finding an orphaned article
    2. Finding related articles (methods)
    3. Adding links
    4. Remove the orphan template

The lecture will present examples, and will attempt to provide a methode of managing local WikiProject Orphanage.


WikiCulture and Community

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25 Minutes
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Unlikely, depend of scholarship from Wikimedia Foundation

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Possibly some slides

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