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Best practices in mentoring programs.

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Tim Moritz buecherwuermlein

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Bücherwürmlein (talk)

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In this presentation I will first give an introduction to the issues of the "best practices in mentoring programs"-project (you can find a short overview here) and about the new evaluation-results so far. What I plan to do in this project is to create a collection of best practices in how to set up and organize any kind of mentoring systems and find solution-approaches for the big "newbie"-theme.

In the last years a structure of a project was built, mainly by myself, the project is supported by Wikimedia Deutschland now and I have been collecting more and more data, analyzed the results of studies and used numbers, facts and stats to have more data about the influence of mentoring programs and other systems on communities and about the structure of existing mentoring programs and parallel systems and I will gain a lot more data about existing mentoring programs in the months after Wikimania by talking to people from the projects; I will upload all this material on the abovementioned page as soon as possible. In the next step I will need help and project partners to constitute a senseful strategy to move the project forward. Unfortunately I was stuck for one year because of massive health reasons so I republish and refresh this project now.

I would like raise awareness for the importance of personal cooperation in newbie-contacts and depict target-groups we have to care about. I would also like to arouse interest to set up a group of people ("project partners") who works together in the next phase of this project, where we mainly need to care about three points:

  • The next step after Wikimania will be to have prepared talks to representatives from each Wikimedia project and share experiences in detail (empirical phase).
  • The outreach part of it: Answer questions like how to reach out to other Wikimedia projects and other Wikipedia language versions (for both: In the evaluation phase and in the public phase)
  • How to give the "best practices" (whatever this might be in the end) a good structured look: Which media should we use for this, which points should be highlighted, which other media beside meta can we use?
  • WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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25 Minutes
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I handed in a workshop for last Wikimania but for massive health reasons I was not able to attend. The presentation includes mainly the same content as the workshop I was not able to move forward this project in the last 12 months and have the same state of this project.

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