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Chapters Committee: past, present and future
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Bence Damokos
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Chapters Committee
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The Chapters Committee has been operating for over six years, yet its inner workings and structure has not been well understood over time. This presentation aims to give a short overview of what the Chapters Committee is, what it has been up to in the last year or so and what the future might hold. The goal is to make the work of the Committee more transparent and less mystified, as well as to encourage interested volunteers in running for Chapcom membership at the end of the year.

The presentation will include a very short historical overview of the Committee, to answer the primary question of what came first, the Committee or the chapters. It will then move on to give an overview of the last year, where around 10 new chapters have been approved (out of the total of 40 chapters, as of March 2012), and the general process that is involved in approving a chapter.

The third part of the presentation will deal with the internal challenges the Committee faces (ensuring transparency towards the wider movement, sustained activity of members) as well as the possibilities in widening Chapcom’s scope to deal with new types of affiliate organisations and the unique challenges that would bring.

Finally, I will try to speculate on the areas where we might see future chapters emerge and briefly report on the short trips Chapcom members Milos Rancic and myself, joined by Ting Chen from the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees have conducted in Central European countries in the hope of boosting the activity levels and potential motivations of the local communities, that might eventually lead to establishing new local chapters or wiki groups.

The presentation will be concluded with some time left for questions from the audience.

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25 Minutes
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13 July, 10:50, room 308

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