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Submissions/Do editors have a right on privacy?

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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Do editors have a right on privacy?

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Markus Glaser

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University of Konstanz

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While Wikipedia and its sister projects are public in nature, there is a considerable part of at least semi-private communication going on aside the main content, e.g. on discussion pages, in the project namespaces, etc. And, of course, on Commons there's a lot of person related data. But privacy, as long as it does not touch any people mentioned in articles, does not seem to be a big issue in the current discussions around. I want to change that and raise some awareness. My main topics include:

  • Protecting the privacy of others: While I have some control over what data I reveal of myself, there's absolutely no control over what others say about me. This is also true in the WM context.
  • Getting rid of too personal content: What are the processes and technical means to protect private data and remove it from the net? Are we currently only hiding it in the version history?
  • Analysis of private data within MediaWiki: How can we use MediaWiki to analyze private data? Do we have to rethink tools like "User Contributions"?
  • Potential misuse for censorship: With stronger privacy tools and policies there is always the danger of someone misusing this for censorship purposes. How can we avoid that?

In my presentation I will explore the areas of privacy sensitive content in WM projects. I will then show what a person can do to hide / remove this content if they believe their privacy to be affected and try to point out where the process can be improved. Let's get WM projects to be on a par with up to date privacy standards of other platforms!

  • WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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25 Minutes

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Probably yes

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