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Submissions/Ensuring quality of Wiki's through ART - Association Rule Testing

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Ensuring quality of Wiki's through ART - Association Rule Testing

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Adethya Sudarsanan; username : Adethya

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Wikipedia is the fastest growing information platform in the world. It is the primary information reference site for over 41.4% of the users. Apart from being the primary reference site, Wikipedia and its related websites serve as a source of free learning and knowledge to millions around the world.

Thanks to the technology, Wiki has reached almost every household, industry, profession and people. Wikipedia & its related websites are basically web applications which quench the information thirst of people anytime, anywhere. But as the web applications are prone to defects or bugs as they are called, the quality of information and the website as a whole is compromised. My proposal focuses on implementing an automated web testing strategy that will enhance the quality of Wiki and its related websites.

Web applications like Wikipedia are fragmented into modules such as login, posting an article, creating a new page, editing a page, deleting a page, page deletion suggestion etc. Each of these modules are further divided into test scenarios like login using correct credentials, login using wrong credentials, editing a page before logging (IP tracing), editing a page after login (User Name tracing) etc. Each of the test scenarios are further fragmented into test steps which elucidate the steps involved in testing a scenario.

The proposed testing is implemented through a testing methodology called “Automation Testing” or “Test Automation”. Test Automation is always the area of constant innovation and growth. There are numerous tools which help in automation as well as maintenance of data in an easier way. This proposal focuses on creating a unique framework which can be implemented across any web application or any test suite. The proposed system revolves around a concept called “Association Rule Mining” (ARM). ARM is a part of Data Mining which helps in identifying rules and establishing relationships between the entities participating in a rule.

For e.g. if there is a rule which specifies, Students of a particular university who take ‘Environmental Science’ as a subject, also took ‘Green House Gas & Its Effects’ , we can be assured that if a Student A takes Environmental Science, there is more likely that the same Student A will also take up Green House Gas & Its Effects. But this doesn’t restrict the students to choose only the subject present in the rule. There can be an exception also.

Applying similar concept to test cases and test scenarios, we develop a methodology that will rate & re-arrange test cases/scenarios, based on their support count, confidence and lift values. These values are calculated by the proposed system and actions are performed based on the values from thereon. In addition to this logic implemented into the proposed system, there are many UI based functionality that will enable a functional/manual tester to execute the scripts with limited knowledge about the tool or application.

For e.g. an UI functionality helps the tester to know the success rate of a particular test case/scenario well before the actual execution. Similarly UI functionality in reporting errors warns the tester about the correctness of the input data fed into the system. Thus the proposed system helps testers to interact with the system, which in turn makes testing better and efficient software engineering process.

A small video of how the testing is carried on will be played at the end of the presentation. Also, a survey related to Wikipedia was undertaken, the same shall be discussed during the course of the presentation

Thus this, proposal will certainly enhance the quality of Wikipedia and its related websites by ensuring that there is not defect reported in the usability, content and user experience while using Wiki’s. This will also contribute significantly to the growth and web presence of Wikipedia and related websites across all people in the world.

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Technology and Infrastructure

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20 minutes
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I would love to attend Wikimania no matter my submission is accepted or not!!, but given my financial inability, I can attend only if I have a full scholarship!

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