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Submissions/Framing the Future - Vocational education and training in a Wiki world

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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DQ 2

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Framing the future: Vocational training in a Wiki world

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Andrew Owens

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So much of the educational focus in Wiki-world has been on schools and universities, but what of the vocational education and training (VET) sector which educates millions of workforce participants around the world? In this presentation, I hope to identify a role for Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and other WMF projects in addressing this need, particularly as in many parts of the world this is the dominant mode of education. Additionally, the close links between the sector and government in many countries allows for collaboration and the development of relationships which may be useful in a wider free-culture context.

The presentation will start by giving non-VET people an overview of the VET sector - its size, its characteristics and its connection with government policy - while schools have curricula, VET courses are incredibly specified and prescriptive in their intended content and outcomes, although adaptable to a range of contexts. With this in mind, it will then cast an eye over the Wikimedia projects, identifying possible roles for them in a VET context. Finally, some examples of existing practice will be considered.

The presenter is a qualified trainer and facilitator and has worked as a consultant in the sector in Perth, Australia, as well as having facilitated workgroups at Wikipedia Conferences in Berlin (2010 and 2011) and at GLAM-WIKI in Canberra, Australia (2009).

  • Research, Analysis, and Education
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15 minutes.

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Yes, although my attendance is dependent upon getting a scholarship.

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Will construct and upload if approved.

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