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HIV/AIDS awareness without conflicting Socio-Cultural beliefs
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Khushboo Leuva
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My abstract is about HIV/AIDS. It focuses on how this

particular infection is spread with its main emphasis on

how socio-cultural beliefs plays crucial role in the spread

of infection in several developing and udner developed

countries. Lastly my primary focus for this presentation is

based on how with the help of Wikimedia, awareness can

be spread among these countries specially among Females

and adolescence in those areas in order to control its

infection. Some of the measure which can be taken to

spread awareness without conflicting socio-cultural beliefs

can are:- Firstly, Implementation of policies which may

involve providing blood group tests for males and females

in order to register for their marriage certification.This

can led to determination of how much population is

actually affected along with restricting their respective

partners from getting infection.Secondly,mandatory health

checkups for Sex workers since they are at higher risk of

contracting HIV infection. Failure to impose mandatory

checkups should result in certain amount of fine or legal

action against particular sex worker or those who are

restricting these sex workers from having it done due to

cultural beliefs.Thirdly, HIV testing should be made

compulsory for adolescence group going to schools in

urban areas of the developing countries. Also providing

HIV/AIDS related class sessions as mandatory school

subject to students studying in rural or tribal area of those

countries. Also, In rural or tribal areas, HIV/AIDS related

awareness program can be spread through performance art

through presentation of its cause and effect in the forms

of musical play or fictional art work. Since cultural

festivals or country fairs tends to play important role in

rural areas. Therefore presentation of HIV/AIDS

awareness through theater art is a good idea. This can

help people in different conservative societies to learn

from their weaknesses and move forward without creating

any socio-cultural conflict.Lastly, Medical camps should

be set up in villages where rate of HIV infection is really

high. These camps should be set up in association with

head in charge of those villages since head person is

considered as superior authority. Having medical camps in

association with superior authority can have influence in

HIV/AIDS awareness program in a manner that it will

encourage more people to participate in their medical

checkup program. Also it may encourage local people to

participate as volunteer to support these medical camps in

their cause towards HIV/AIDS awareness. Since these

areas tend to be highly influenced by their local figure

thus having their support can truly help any HIV program

to succeed. Also,Distribution of HIV/AIDS related

awareness information through brochures and billboards

in areas where electronic media is not developed at higher

level. Since there is higher rate of infection in these areas

therefore local authority should be assigned to participate

in this program thereby it will result in creating

employment opportunity for local public. Apart from

creating these opportunities for males, there are female

related opportunities as well. Female representatives from

every local or tribal regions should involve in awareness

program which can involve female oriented get to gather

events or discussions involving females related health

issues and importance of sex education.

  • WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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25 Minutes
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