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Submissions/Integrating Automated Processes with Semantic Wikis for Knowledge Representation - the Luminary Approach to Wiki Design

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Integrating Automated Processes with Semantic Wikis for Knowledge Representation - the Luminary Approach to Wiki Design
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Edward Swing
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Vision Systems & Technology, Inc./SAS
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Wikis have become a common way to represent information on the web, providing accessible information, consensual editing, and collaboration. Wikis have become a ubiquitous form of knowledge representation, created through collaborative human endeavor. However, despite their flexibility, wikis cannot easily integrate with other automated systems because of their use of natural language and lack of machine-comprehendible structure within each page.

Semantic wikis enable wiki editors to add semantic information into wikis by adding semantic properties to pages. By tagging the links between pages with semantic properties, a semantic wiki allows a page designer to generate complex displays of information such as social network graphs, tables and timelines through querying the information contained within the wiki. Furthermore, the information in a semantic wiki can integrate into the semantic web. However, using semantic wikis do not solve all of the integration challenges. An automated process that attempts to understand the content of a typical semantic wiki still requires natural language processing techniques, since the information remains largely unstructured.

The Luminary system addresses these shortcomings by extending the semantic wiki paradigm. The Luminary approach uses extensive templates and an external OWL ontology to constrain a semantic wiki. This approach enables the wiki pages to store and represent semantically-structured information that can easily integrate with external processes. The resulting wikis can both display information from an automated process, and provide information to automated processes.


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