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Marathi Theature Project on Marathi Wikipedia
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Mandar V Kulkarni
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Active member of Green Hills group and Giridarshan Trekking group along with Admin. of Marathi Wikipedia and Marathi Wikisource.
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Marathi theatre is theatre in Marathi-language, mostly originating or based in the state Maharashtra in India, and elsewhere with Marathi diaspora. Starting in the middle of the 19th century, it flourished in the 1950s and 60s, and includes forms like Sangeet Natak (Musical drama) and Tamasha (folk dance). Today, it continues to have a marked presence in Mumbai and Pune with a loyal audience base, when most theatre in other parts of India have had tough time facing the onslaught of cinema and television. Its repertoire ranges from humorous social plays, farces, historical plays, musical, to experimental plays and serious drama of 1970s onwards, by Vijay Tendulkar, P. L. Deshpande, Mahesh Elkunchwar and Satish Alekar, which have influenced theatre throughout India.In fact in the post-independence era, besides Bengali theatre, Marathi theatre has been a singular driving force behind innovations and significant dramaturgy in Indian theatre.
Marathi Thature has great history but there is hardly any information available in English and Marathi Wikipedia. I am presently working on this project - विकिपीडिया:विकिप्रकल्प मराठी रंगभूमी and consulting with many senior members of Marathi Theature including Mr. Amol Palekar, Mr. Jabbar Patel and trying to gather information. I am also talking to very members of Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Natya parishad who are driving Marathi Theater all over India. This is a very important project for wikipedia considering that very fiew people has worked on it so far. Even the director Amol Palekar had publically raised a concern on this. This will also benefit in adding information and content in English and Marathi Wikisource.

Wikipedia and Marathi Theature
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25 Minutes
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May be and may not be and also depending on the scholership I have applied for.
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Will send soon
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Anytime during the day.

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  3. SSK999 (talk) 18:00, 28 March 2012 (UTC) - Very much interested in this topic as this is the 1st kind of project done on Marathi Theature.[reply]
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