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Matilineal Societies in India
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Rita M V Lyngdoh
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Matrilineal form of ancestry is not predominant in the major regions of the world. Its presence is felt only in some societies with a smaller population. Wikipedia can be a great source of information for such rare and uncommon practices. There is a high need of preserving such a society in modern age where women rub shoulders with men in every field. Women empowerment can be exercised through consistent efforts of educating people of the essence of a woman who is still facing prejudices in today's world. The important aspect of a matrilineal society is the upliftment of the female counterpart, establishing the paradigm of sex equality.In India, even though women have started to express their rights against the oppression by the dominating men, women are still subdued by their male counterparts . The essence of the few matrilineal societies in India is that women have a higher status in society as compared to other societies. Men from these societies are often ridiculed following the myth that they are subdued by the females, when in reality both sexes share an equal status with equal responsibilities in society.
WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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25 Minutes
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