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MediaWiki on Windows and Azure

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DJ Bauch

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I've worked on Windows/Microsoft SQL Server/IIS versions of the MediaWiki engine since 2006. Since 2011, I've been working on Azure versions as well. This work has been a source of ever diminishing frustration and ever expanding joy. Since 2006, the continuous improvement of the code base and the attention of so many concerned programmers has made the porting from one operating system to another, and one database management system to another, and one web server to another evolve from the Herculean effort it was in the early days to the almost inconsequential event that it has become. I'd like to discuss the state of the art for Windows and Azure support for MediaWiki, and those few pain points that might remain for developers on Windows rather than Linux.

Some of the material in my presentation relates closely to Ben Hartshorne's presentation, Swift and the Media Storage System, except that I will be addressing Azure and the Media Storage System. My coverage of this area will be confined to the issues directly related to deployment issues I had to find solutions for.


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25 Minutes
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I hope to attend either way.

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