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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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Creating Neighborhood Wikis for New York City
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Thomas Lowenhaupt
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United States
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Connecting.nyc Inc.
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New York City has hundreds of neighborhoods each with its own story. That story is being captured using the editing and governance techniques developed by the wiki community. The initial work on this data capture is being accomplished through http://NYCWiki.org, a joint effort of Wikimedia New York City, the New York Chapter of the Internet Society, Connecting.nyc Inc., and ultimately the NYC community. It is expected that the individual neighborhood names will be ported to the corresponding neighborhood.nyc site with the activation of the .nyc Top Level Domain.

While the word "neighborhood" seems familiar and clear, the role of a neighborhood in New York City is not. City neighborhoods are not a formal part of the government infrastructure and even their borders are frequently amorphous. The NYCwiki seeks to collect and present neighborhood heritage, the civic, commercial, and cultural services available, and the challenges and the opportunities residents face.

Beyond the data capture function, the NYCwiki is looking into the communication and decision making tools that will empower residents and neighborhoods to address needs and opportunities.

One of the key needs of effort is defining neighborhood boundaries. Part of the report will be on using the OpenPaths.cc service of New York Times Labs to define those neighborhood.

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25 Minutes
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