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Submissions/Nepalese- a powerful source for Wikipedia

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Nepalese- a powerful source for Wikipedia
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Ramesh Chandra Pandey
Nepali Wikipedia
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<!Nepalese- a powerful source for Wikipedia: Wikipedia is one of the most visited website that I saw among students in Nepal whenever they need any detailed information. However this group is not much involved in the contribution for the in adding articles or for any translation Wikipedia. This is because due to their busy schedule in the school or college or career building age and basically due to the interests in other aspects of the environment. But what I have seen is the people of the age more than 35 seem to be more energetic and creative for any social contribution in the society. They do have free time after their work or whatever. So what I think is we can take help from these people to collect, crate and translate the articles in Nepali for Wikipedia. The translation may be either from English or from Hindi to Nepalese. Another important thing I have figured in Nepal is that the people here, who are at the age in their fifties or sixties right now, had gained their education from India. So most of them are well known with the Indian language and that’s why it could be easier them to translate the Indian articles to Nepali for Wikipedia. Another thing that I want to mention here is that the script is same Nepalese or Hindi (Indian) language and even the words are either exactly same or more similar between these languages. So we people can create a group where we can bring these people together and get help from them to contribute to Wikipedia in Nepali. We can use these people for the research of the local culture and traditions and other social backgrounds of the particular tribe. Also there is chance to get help from the other people between 25-35 for modern science and technology.

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  1. Ramesh Pandey.