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It's been ten years since the Budapest Open Access Initiative - a good time to consider systematic approaches to the reuse of Open Access materials on Wikimedia projects.
Bees shimmer to drive hornets away. A video originally published in the supplementary materials to an article in PLoS ONE.
MIME types of supplementary files in the Open Access Subset of PubMed Central as of 6 July 2012
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Open Access Media Importer
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Daniel Mietchen
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daniel {dot} mietchen {at} googlemail {dot} com
Daniel Mietchen
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Wikimedian in Residence on Open Science at the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
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Multimedia files are rarely used to illustrate and enrich scientific or other scholarly topics on Wikimedia projects. This is partly due to a very limited availability of multimedia files on Commons, which is itself limited by the generally low preponderance of freely licensed items amongst scientific multimedia materials on the Web.

Yet multimedia files are contained in the supplementary materials of a growing number of peer-reviewed scholarly articles, and while the vast majority of these articles are still licensed in a way that would prevent reuse on Wikimedia projects, the minority of articles licensed compatibly with such reuse is growing: In the ten years since the Budapest Open Access Initiative, it has risen from basically zero to about 10% of the newly published literature, i.e. to on the order of 105 articles per year.

Thousands of scholarly articles each year have supplementary multimedia files, many of which could be suitable as illustrations in educational contexts, but very few are actually used that way. This is partly due to basically non of these multimedia files being published in the formats required by Wikimedia Commons (i.e. OGG Vorbis and OGG Theora), partly due to supplementary materials being not easily discoverable and partly due to Wikimedians not being aware of the extent of Open Access resources available.

The Open Access Media Importer - funded in the framework of Wikimedia Germany's Wissenswert 2011 initiative - is an application currently being developed that systematically screens Open Access resources (starting with the Open Access Subset within PubMed Central) for multimedia files, converts them into Commons-compatible formats and uploads them there. The tool is modularly organized, so as to facilitate adaptations.

The purpose of the talk is to discuss the technical aspects of the tool as well as possible adaptations (e.g. for the import from other sources or of other file types) or integration with related tools (e.g. slideshows).

  • Technology and Infrastructure
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25 Minutes
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