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Submissions/Promoting Wiki in Indian Languages putting to use free and inovative open Software

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Promoting Wiki in Indian Languages putting to use free and inovative open Software.

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Nikita S. Belavate

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Nicke.me (talk)

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Wikimedia India Foundation.

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I believe,access to knowledge is everyone's right and Wikipedia has comes to life with this very sentiment. I want to carry this ahead to the people who cannot absorb this 'read only' format. I believe there should be an audio file for each and every article in different languages. There is 'speaking Dictionary' translating between Marathi-English, English-Marathi, besides few others languages. We can make use of these software techniques to built a data-base of audio files which will be a boon to Visually impaired. There is also an extremely wide range of population in India who cannot still read fluently even in their own native languages, let alone English.

Creating Audio files for articles will require a greater task-force indeed but just as in case of Medical articles being efficiently converted to simple English by a dedicated organisation like 'Content rules', a free and open knowledge sharing organisation who will be willing to take-up the project; pertaining to the wide visibility it will receive, it should indeed be taken head-strongly.

There is one more advantage we can accrue, is that it will assume popularity quickly and will be a friend for out-reach programmes. Right now, outreach efforts are limited to assistance by editors either physically at the venue or virtually through hangouts or Skype. If instructions are recorded and made available, anybody can take up the task of spreading awareness about Wiki and thereby its immense knowledge-base.

I would like to see Wikipedia being HEARD ! and for this I would like to present a means for my native language Marathi.

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25 Minutes
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Preferably before lunch.

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