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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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The Ontologist: Semantic Wikis and XML Databases
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Kurt Cagle
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Avalon Consulting
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Wikis can be described as dynamic ontologies, ways of organizing terms and associating them with URLs in such a way as to create a large scale information space. Semantic wikis go one step further, using clearly defined relationships (subject|predicate|object constructs) in order to not only create links but for those links to be relational and explicit rather than simple and implicit. XML Databases such as MarkLogic can be used with a combination of semantic linking (RDF assertions) logic and RESTful interfaces in order to create robust relational graphs of information, such as knowledge management systems that are graph based and ontological.

This talk explores one such system, the Ontologist, built by the author, that uses XQuery, SPARQL and RESTful pipelines to support a Wiki-like system of information. The Ontologist provides a bridge between managing controlled vocabularies, dynamically creating document-centric graphs and supporting a rich processing pipeline for submission and display of content as HTML, XML in various flavors, PDF, JSON and RDF. Because it is built around the notion of list management, such a wiki system provides a way to both access and navigate collections of wiki terms, and because any given term can support multiple relationship predicates, the relationships that can be displayed are robust and can be traversed in a transitive fashion.

The purpose of the talk is to demonstrate the close relationship between RESTful systems, Wikis and semantic assertions, and to showcase how such systems can be used to create very dynamic wiki systems that can grow in multiple dimensions. It also illustrates how XQuery and SPARQL should be seen as integral parts of any graph-based knowledge system. The author will illustrate a Wiki system that combines legendary characters, movies, books, actors, authors and artists in a self-navigating system, including illustrating how new entries are added, modified and older ones deleted while maintaining system integrity.

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25 Minutes
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