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Siblings, Not Twins - On Diversity and Evolution of Wikipedias
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Michał Aegis Maelstrom Buczyński
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sandbox (@t) o2 <<dot>> pl
Aegis Maelstrom
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Polish Wikipedia
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Silblings? Perhaps. Centrainly not twins. On the contrary to the beliefs expressed by some Wikimania 2011 attendees, various language versions of Wikipedia do not follow a single path of evolution or a set of rules. Projects and Communities vary significantly even in their core foundations and understanding of what Wikipedia esentially is. In result, the wikiworld proves to be diverse and the co-operative relations between projects tend to be as challanging as needed.

In the same time, wikiprojects keep evolving: new generations of editors come and go, wikicultures rise and decline and the communities seek new solutions and self-management tools. Wikimedia created a vast set of case studies, however the question whether we will learn to effectively share our local solutions remains open.

I would like to invite you to revisit a few issues from the Wikimania 2010 Wikievolution presentation and explore them farther. Let us use this Wikimania opportunity to spur the international discussion and share our insights on local policies, their global co-ordination, locally crafted solutions and platforms to share them like Meta. Even a brief, few minute session can be continued on breaks and in the Internet should anyone be dedicated to such co-operation.


  • Three elements of a definition of Wikipedia vs. Five Pillars. Wimoeba Theory
  • Local solutions and adjustments to seemingly uniform copied institutions like ArbCom
  • Global policies vs. grassroot / peer-to-peer model
  • WikiCulture and Community;
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25 Minutes
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