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The Hope of Africa!
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Nkansah Rexford N.
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Nkansah Rexford N.
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Ghana is the Hope of Africa. Why? Simply because, we stand out! Ghana, formerly known internationally as Gold Coast, set herself free form her colonial masters some four decades ago. How fitting it was that the name Gold coast was named after this country because of her abundant reserves of pure refined Gold that she has supplied the world for decades up till now, with gold reserves of some 25 million ounces. Ghana is undoubtedly known to have one of the highest GDP in Africa and a stable inflation rate is a valid mark of hope. An oilfield which is reported to contain up to 3 billion barrels (480×106 m3) of light oil was discovered in recent years and production is already in progress. Oil exploration is ongoing and, the amount of oil continues to increase as more and more reserves are found. The nation’s economy is well in shape despite the global recession that hit.

Ghana is not left out in this technological global village. Ghana is proud to have a web giant firmly rooted in her too. In the whole of Africa, Ghana is privileged to be one of the few couples of country reachable with the Google Service, Google Trader, simply because of the high ICT furtherance in the nation and our genuine zeal to move at par with advancing technology. Across the world, Ghana is known to have the fiercest mobile telecommunication competition with a total of six telecom giants with Global Communication, making the most recent entry. Ghana is proud to welcome the Glo 1 Fiber Optic, with data carrying capacity of 9.12 Terabyte, to hit our shores about a year ago being the fastest internet connection of the whole of Africa to Europe and the North America. This project is meant to make Africa a high-tech continent in no time, with Ghana as the central hub. Ghana can now fully boast of 3.75G mobile telecommunication as well, provided by Airtel!

In addition, Ghana is rated the most peaceful country in Africa and houses the best of stable economy one can find for potential business boom. We have countless number of tourist areas where tourists can even spend the whole of their entire life enjoying them. From the Paga Crocodile Ponds, the evergreen rainforest in Axim, your tour is just worth it.

Ghana is a developing nation that’s picking up so fast that, more and more organizations and industries are thinking of making an entry sooner. And with our over 50 university colleges in Ghana, our education system has being of great measure and producing a much skilled and dedicated workforce to push the nation ahead

The enjoying part of it all is that, Ghanaians are part of the big family of Wikimedia and many individuals voluntarily give out their time and resources in feeding in reputable knowledge into to numerous pages of Wikipedia and other sister projects. It brings much joy, and its helping build a better knowledgeable world.

The Hope of Africa is really the hope of Africa and Ghana being the hope of Africa is worth it and true!

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