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Submissions/The Land of Wikis Beyond Wikimedia

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2012.

Submission no. 675
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The Land of Wikis Beyond Wikimedia
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Gregory Varnum
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United States of America
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Aequalitas Project
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Come and explore the land of wikis beyond Wikimedia projects. There are thousands of wikis running MediaWiki operating on web servers and computers around the globe. While the Wikimedia Foundation is the proud home of many of the most notable examples, there are close relatives in the land beyond. This presentation will offer a brief recap of the popular types of MediaWiki installations running out there.
Following the very brief presentation, there will be an opportunity for networking among system administrators of wikis operating outside Wikimedia Foundation (also known as third-party wikis), and opportunities for folks interested in this land to ask questions of system administrators.
If there is time, some discussion and action steps will be documented and followed up by MediaWiki.org’s WikiProject SysAdmins. The WikiProject will also serve as the host for the presentation. Information on the WikiProject will be provided - including take away materials sent via email after the presentation. Email addresses will be collected from participants to facilitate distribution of any materials in “green friendly” electronic method. A very limited number of print materials will be available, by request, for accessibility purposes.
Ideally this presentation will help provide a place for third-party wiki system administrators to network and educate the broader Wikimedia community on who they are, why they exist and what they’re up to. Will also serve as MediaWiki.org’s WikiProject SysAdmins' entry for Wikimania. Other related projects are invited to contact facilitator(s) in advance to request additional materials be made available.
Varnent will serve as the primary facilitator of the presentation and following discussion. However, other members of MediaWiki.org’s WikiProject SysAdmins may be encouraged to participate or speak. Possible attendees include current or potential system administrators of third-party wikis, Wikimedians interested in learning more about third-party wikis, MediaWiki developers with questions for system administrators, and management of third-party wikis.

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25 Minutes
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