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The Wikipedia Smartphone Apps Story
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Yuvaraj Pandian
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We try to make sure that whatever way you access Wikipedia, you have the best experience possible. While you could always access Wikipedia from your smartphone's browser, to truly take advantage of your device's capabilities and provide the best experience possible (for both consuming and contributing to Wikipedia), we needed to build smartphone apps. And we needed to build them for all major platforms (currently iOS & Android). This talk is about why we did it, how we did it while making sure we used open tools (to avoid lockin) and most importantly, all the super cool stuff that is coming down the pipeline.

The talk would primarily cover:

  1. Why we built the Wikipedia Mobile App?
  2. How popular is the Wikipedia Mobile App?
  3. How are we building the Wikipedia Mobile App across platforms?
    1. In a way that makes it super easy for people to contribute code to?
    2. In a way that makes sure we use only open standards and tools, so that we can avoid vendor lock in?
  4. So what can the app do right now?
    1. Geo data integration, multiple language switching, page sharing
  5. Nice! What will the app be able to do 6-12 months from now?
    1. Media contributions (Photos, Videos, Audio, Geo data)
    2. Text contributions (Sentence editing, Infobox fixes, etc)
    3. Meta contributions (Article Feedback/Rating, Wikiproject Assessments, Edit patrolling, Commons patrolling, etc)
    4. Offline facilities (Read entire wikis without internet access)
    5. But would about the other Wikimedia projects and apps?
  6. How can you help?
    1. 'But, my favorite phone platform isn't being served!' (Volunteers have ported our app to Playbook, WP7, Nokia N9. You could do it too for your platform!)

This talk is for anyone with a smartphone who wants to know how they can soon contribute to Wikipedia from their phones

  • Technology and Infrastructure
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25 Minutes
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