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The process of creating new Wikipedias: past, present, future
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presentation (download)
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Robin Pepermans
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robinp (dot) 1273 (at) gmail (dot) com
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Belgium, Europe
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none (maybe relevant: Language committee)
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In our mission to spread knowledge to everyone in the world, we need to take into consideration that the majority of our world's population do not know English well enough (if at all) and therefore cannot use English-language resources. That's why we have about 280 language editions of Wikipedia, or about 770 wikis in total, which makes us a truly multilingual project. However, there are an estimated 7000 languages in the world, which means a lot of people still don't have access to knowledge in their language. That is why we need to make it as easy as possible for anyone to start up a Wikipedia or other project in their own language. I want to explain in this talk

  • what the previous procedure was for opening wikis: anyone could just create a wiki
  • why the language committee was created and why creating wikis is now not completely open: stopping nonsense projects, basic activity and localisation needed
  • how it is currently: starting a wiki at Incubator, requesting approval, ...
  • what I/we have been doing to improve it and what we're working on: automatic info pages, subdomains redirecting to Incubator, ...
  • how the procedure ideally is; what still needs to be done: faster actual creation of wikis, ...
  • Technology and Infrastructure (not really, but no other track is relevant)
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not sure, max 25 Minutes
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Yes, when scholarship is granted
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Special request as to time of presentations

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