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The software localization paradox - Why you should use Wikipedia and other software in your native language even if you know English well.
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Amir E. Aharoni
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People who know English often prefer to use software in English – it has less bugs, it doesn't have translation mistakes, they are used to it, they find translations of software unusual. In this talk I'll try to present compelling and practical – not ideological – reasons to use software and websites, including, of course, Wikipedia, in your own native language: It makes the software itself better; It makes translation software better; It makes it easier for you to give your neighbors and relatives support when they ask you for it. But most importantly, it is the only way to opening the world of the Internet and computing to people who don't know English – if software or websites are not translated or translated badly, people who don't know English simply cannot use it. The only people who can fix it are the people who know English and other languages, but too often they choose English... And that's the Software localization paradox. This talk is aimed at changing the mind of both native and non-native English speakers.
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Technology and Infrastructure
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25 Minutes
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I presented a similar talk at the GNUnify conference in Pune, February 2012.
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