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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Traffic Congestion Indicators

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Ashish Bhat , Sharath Sridhar

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ashescompsci, 3e4r5t

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One of the important challenges in my country, in particular Bangalore is commuting. People spend around 1-2 hours on an average travelling to their work and back home. Going ahead, with increase in population, density of traffic and vehicles, we face tough challenges ahead to commute in the city. Hence we propose an idea to make a real time system which not only indicates the congestion level but also takes proactive measures to prevent it. This can be done using modern day technology GPS, triangulation method, vehicle density measurement.

The data collected will serve to display in a real time map indicating level of congestion color coded (e.g.: green= safe, red= too much congested) to indicate the commuters and divert the congestion. This system could also be used to study the trends, timings, schedule to maintain a better public transport/deciding policies in and around the city to make commuting much easier.


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25 Minutes
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No, Sorry :)

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