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Translating the wiki way
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Niklas Laxström
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Wikimedia Foundation
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In the recent years we have seen the rise of translation systems targeted for managing the translation of open source software and to some extend for manuals and help pages too. Even the big companies like Facebook are trying to crowd source translations.

Most of the tools have a web interface for doing translations with various aids like integrated machine translation services. The rest are just file distribution sites, created to necessiate the fact that it does not scale to manage permissions of thousands translators in the same way developer access is handled.

At Wikimedia we have lots of content, but the different languages of of Wikipedia, for example, are not direct translation of each other, but independent projects. Translation does happen, but it is not controlled and more an exception than a rule. There is still a niche where managed translation is useful even in Wikimedia: press releases, user documentation and messages send to visitors across all projects.

Wikimedia has recently started to use one of the translation systems, namely the Translate extension for MediaWiki. The history of the Translate extension is much longer than that. I'd like to present the design principles of this system featuring examples from the Wikimedia world as well as KDE which is in the Linux world.

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Technology and Infrastructure
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25 Minutes
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