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Using Semantic Mediawiki and DBpedia as a platform for Space Data

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On top of the Semantic Mediawiki platform, we have built a flexible platform which contains not only the last 50 years of spaceflight history, but also a collaboratively built continuing forcast of the evolution of three core space areas. These are rocket specifications, satellite details, launch details, and launch sites. We have used web scrapers, python libraries, Google Refine, and other data tools to clean up the data sets before the data into the Semantic Mediawiki framework in order to allow the crowd to help continue the maintenance of the data set. We have also leveraged images and other media in Wikimedia Commons to enhance the richness of the data and attract a broader audience to the site. This presentation will include details of this process, challenges of using all the tools (Wikipedia related and not), and how we overcame those hurdles.

Note: This could be adapted to a workshop or tutorial in order to teach the lessons and how all the pieces of the framework came together.

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