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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

Submission no. 508
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Using Wikicommons and conference attendant as a generative system for making artwork.
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Kit French Sonia Ourmanova Beth Sarney

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As artists we are interested in creating work from large archives of information, where we relinquish control and form and content are left to chance. Installed in a booth for the entire length of the conference, a group of three local artists will invite attendees to participate in the creation of a user-generated photomontage. Using the vast image archive of Wikicommons participants will search for an image on a topic or at random. Those images will be printed out and added to a continuously transforming photomontage. By combining the technique of photomontage and chance operations this project questions the notions of authorship, while attempting to outline the web of associations between participants. In addition, the aim of this project is to engage visitors as active participants in the creation of this artwork, which carries on the ethos established by Wikimedia.

Progress of the project will be documented by time-lapse camera and regular blog posts.

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25 Minutes

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All supplies will be provided by artists, we just need wi-fi

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We like to be placed in a common area

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