Submissions/Web Campaign to Celebrate “Openness” in 2012; also CC’s 10th Birthday

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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DQ 7

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Web Campaign to Celebrate “Openness” in 2012; also CC’s 10th Birthday
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Jane Park
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United States
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Creative Commons
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The last year has seen successful online campaigns to stop SOPA/PIPA and the Research Works Act. How do we draw from these successes to bring greater awareness to the general web user on “open” issues? Creative Commons’ license suite is turning 10 in December; is there a way to leverage this benchmark and join organizational and community forces to champion openness on the web, and effectively relay its significance to a lay audience? We want more web users than ever before to utilize open practices and open tools, like Wikipedia. How do we celebrate at the same time create opportunities for people around the globe to partake in this movement? We’ll discuss these issues, brainstorm ways to collaborate, and come up with a plan to run a web campaign around “open” to engage the Average Joe.
WikiCulture and Community
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1 hour workshop to collaborate on an online campaign around “openness”
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1 hour workshop

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