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Wikapital - The free movement capital.

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Michael Gronager

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Wikipedia have over the last decade been instrumental in worldwide knowledge sharing, it is the number one preferred source for encyclopedia information for school students all the way up to academia as well as for industry, in fact for any citizen. The movement of knowledge has been included in the European freedoms with free movement of people, capital, services, goods and now as the fifth freedom the movement of knowledge. Even though being the last in the row, knowledge is today by far the most easily movable resource, this is thanks to the internet and not least to wikipedia. Considing the other freedoms: people, goods and to some extend services, they will never physically be able to travel over the internet, however, capital just like knowledge is mainly a virtual entity, and is to also today moved around digitally. But unlike knowledge there is no wikipedia for capital - wikapital. A platform and infrastructure where capital could be moved around between people paying other people for digital services and supporting knowledge creation all over the world by donations. Today, technologies exists for moving capital around electronically. This can be done with a high level of security and with no need for a single entity in control, much like an electronically Hawala banking system. Further, this technology is moving out of its adolescence and is becoming ready to enable free movement of capital, not only in Europe but all over the world. This talk will focus on how this system works, and on why a link into the web is instrumental for the success of such a system. Further, the talk focusses on why it is important to keep the web part of such a system within the governance of an organization like the wikimedia foundation.

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25 Minutes
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