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Interactive Public Wiki Art
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Presentation and potentially a tour through Washington, DC to visit the actual sites.
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Peter Krsko
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Albus Cavus
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The residents of the contemporary urban areas experience a drastic decline in level of control over their public spaces and especially public art. The proposed presentation will discuss a unique curatorial program, titled Open Walls, originally established in New Jersey and now greatly practiced in Washington, DC.

Open Walls is an initiative that creates and maintains outdoor creative spaces and brings artists and educators to collaborate with the local community. Promoting and supporting creativity in public spaces have positive impact on our communities through physical beautification and social cooperation. Especially young people need free areas for their creative outlet and to develop positive relationship with the environment where they live, work and play. Open Walls is a real-world parallel to Wiki in terms of user-created and user-edited content. There is no central approval or censorship committee. The actual users of the public space have a hands-on interaction with the murals and artwork and they directly influence the content and visual appearance of artwork in their public art. These creativity spaces are a great testing ground for direct democracy and user-edited content in physical space. They provide an outdoor art venue, enhance local cultural identity, promote educational initiatives, beautify built environment, give rise to open expression and creativity areas, become a tourist destination, establish economic benefit for property owners and surrounding community, and improve public health. The program has been established and maintained by Albus Cavus, a collective of artists who build strong and healthy communities through in-school and out-of-school educational projects, public art and community collaborations. Albus Cavus creates public art around the world, and in Washington, DC is responsible for the largest mural. The artists in the collective believe that well-designed public space improves community dynamics, has a positive impact on public health, learning and school performance of the young residents, contributes to sustainable local economy and creates sense of ownership and responsibility. The goal is to create new cities where citizens participate as active designers and builders of public spaces in their neighborhoods.

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25 Minutes
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