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Wikimedia Labs and the state of our open source infrastructure
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Ryan Lane
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Wikimedia Labs is a virtualization environment intended to be community maintained. Labs' main goals are: acting as a test and development environment for our production cluster, acting as a community maintained software development environment, and a semi-production environment for bots, tools, research, etc.
It's been shortly over a year since Wikimedia Labs was in initial planning stages. In October 2011 it was launched, and is currently in closed beta. This presentation will discuss the current and future states of the project. Specifically it will discuss:
  • The growth of the project, and how well it's being received as an open source project
  • How it's being used for a test and development space for software developers
  • How it's being used for a test and development space for operations engineers
  • How it's currently being used for bots
  • How it's planned to be used for tools
  • The current problems with the infrastructure, and how it will be improved
  • How the system to manage and document Labs is used
  • How to contribute, from the perspective of a software developer, operations engineer, and/or devops engineer
Technology and Infrastructure
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40 Minutes + 10 minutes for questions - I can shorten this to 20 minutes if needed, but this is an incredible amount of stuff to discuss in 20 minutes.
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