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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

Submission no. 265
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Wikimedia and the Creative Commons 4.0 Licenses
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Aurelia J. Schultz
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United States
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Creative Commons
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Creative Commons licenses are an integral part of Wikimedia and many other open communities. This year, CC is working to release a new version of the Creative Commons license suite, version 4.0. Goals for the 4.0 suite include true internationalization - a set of licenses that work in nearly every country without modifications, effectively addressing sui generis database rights and improved readability of the license. A huge part of ensuring the 4.0 licenses meet these goals is feedback from CC’s international community of users.

The 4.0 workshop will review with Wikimania participants the most current draft of the 4.0 suite. Participants will be encouraged to provide feedback on the licenses in general and specific issues relevant to the community, like internationalization, moral rights, how adaptation is defined and sui generis database rights.

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45 Minutes
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