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Wikiotics: The Interactive Language Instruction Wiki
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Wikiotics is a free software platform for building interactive multimedia language instruction materials. We have spent four years building a new structured wiki engine to make collaboratively building, re-mixing, and reusing these kinds of interactive multimedia materials easy and efficient. We would like to present the outline of our project and the technology tools behind it but hope for more of a discussion than a static presentation.

We want to discuss the unique technological challenges presented by the language learning community, where the lack of community consensus as an organizing principle for development means that lessons evolve in multiple divergent directions at once and the difficulty of establishing the accuracy of material on a public wiki is exacerbated by the lack of a common language inherent in the language learning context. We also want to discuss how these issues relate to existing social tensions with wiki use inside educational institutions.

We would appreciate peer feedback on the mechanisms we are using to adapt the wiki model to these novel conditions (interactive templates for structured wiki content, a git-like revision model, user and group based write protected areas, and others) and discussion of whether the new technologies we have integrated into Wikiotics may have applications outside of the language instruction context.

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