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Wikipedia as a parallel of agriculture

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presentation with discussion

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Jan Lochman

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Czech Republic

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This presentation compare Wikipedia's model with the breeding efforts in animal and crop production. In breeding performed by man, we are actually more ahead than in development of Wikipedia and system of creating and distributing of open knowledge.

For thousands of years farmers were intending to get higher yields. Recently, with the discoveries in genetics, scientists have created breeds of highly yielding organisms. Something simmillar happened in open knowledge distribution. In 2001 Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger created the model of Wikipedia, which within a very short time, got high yields to the sum of human knowledge available to everybody.

During the last 25 years, sicentist in genetics effort to breed for quality. Also Wikipedia got to the state, when Jimmy Wales called for quality of information distributed via its websites. Both environments are now hard working on quality.

Nowadays agriculture and food industry is driven by market. Money got from sold products are invested to the further breeding development and to the supportative industries. Farmers already know that higher yielding organisms can’t exist without external support. Crops need extra nutrition; they are susceptible to be damaged by pests. Also animals need special nutrition, and extra care. And Wikimedia movment? Yes, recently there were described some "problems" like age of the Wikimedia community, when new users are not coming in so high numbers as before. This is connected to the complexity of rules and traditions etc.

So will we need to establish some supportive groups and invest money, to supportive projects? What is the ratio between investments to development and support, and money received via donations? How to “breed” Wikimedia community for quality? These are the questions for the further discussion after the presentation.

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WikiCulture and Community

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15 minutes
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