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CiviCRM - The Swiss Army knife for chapters
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Holger Motzkau, Manuel Schneider
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Prolineserver, 80686
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Wikimedia Sweden, Wikimedia Austria
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Since the Wikimedia Foundation started using CiviCRM, many chapters introduced the system. It became an important tool for handling donations, members, or newsletters. It is under steady, quick development and improvement by a quite big global community, and has the potential to be a Swiss Army knife for administrative tasks. However, as a powerfull tool, it is complex to set it up, and fast release cycles of both civiCRM and Drupal make it hard to maintain.

We present how Wikimedia Sweden and Wikimedia Austria introduced the system stepwise in the last two years, how we customized interfaces with Drupal and Mediawiki, and addressed several problems. We show how we organize our workflows, use it for accounting, the annual audit and event organization. We try to give an overview of the technical needs to introduce the system and draw a basic benefit-cost analysis based on our experiences, helping other chapters and interested parties in their decision making. Last but not least we also want to trigger the exchange of experiences and best pracitces with the system to make the usage of civiCRM even more productive.

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25 Minutes (15min presentation+10min discussion)
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  1. Risker (talk) 02:29, 13 May 2012 (UTC) I think this might also be useful for the varied tasks that Enwp's Arbcom has to carry out, depending on infrastructure needs.[reply]
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