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Tech@State: Wiki.Gov

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

Tech@State is partnering with Wikimania 2012 for its next event, Tech@State: Wiki.Gov. Scheduled in Washington, DC, July 12 – 15, Wikimania 2012 will explore all aspects of Wikimedia while Tech@State: Wiki.Gov will focus on wikis and the public sector. Wikimania’s selection of Washington, DC for this year’s annual conference offers a special opportunity to include those who work in government, non-profit and civil society groups, and international organizations to join the event and look at the impact wikis have had on their work. Discussions will center on how wikis and their associated technologies can be used to increase collaboration in diverse environments, to encourage greater citizen participation and engagement at all levels of government, and to provide greater access to vital information to citizens around the world. Register here!

As an integral part of Wikimania 2012, Tech@State: Wiki.Gov will convene five sessions on July 12 – 13 in the Betts Auditorium at George Washington University’s Marvin Center, the same venue as Wikimania 2012. Each session will highlight a unique aspect of how wikis have been employed or could be employed to foster greater collaboration and openness among organizations that share common interests and work on similar issues. Expect to learn how the federal government uses wikis to collaborate internally, and share information across agencies and hear about innovative ways wiki technologies have been used at the local level to engage citizens and provide greater access to a variety of information. Other sessions will feature discussions on how organizations like research institutions and civil society organizations can better collaborate by using wikis. Tech@State: Wiki.Gov is in the same venue as Wikimania 2012 so there will plenty of opportunities to network and connect with the Wikimania participants, too. And, because the Betts Auditorium seats 400, we expect the same great turnout as previous Tech@States.


A component of the Secretary’s 21st Century Statecraft Initiative, Tech@State is a series of quarterly conference curated and run by the State Department’s Office of eDiplomacy that connects innovators, U.S. diplomats, and other government officials to share lessons learned and discuss innovative tools for diplomacy and development. The general conference format for Day One is a keynote speaker followed by a plenary panel or two in the morning and smaller breakout sessions in the afternoon as well as Ignite or Lightning sessions at opportune times throughout the day. Day Two is an unconference. We normally have about 300 participants from the State Department and USAID, other government agencies, international organizations like the UN and the World Bank, academia and the private sector. More information is available on our website – tech.state.gov.

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