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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

Live Schedule

Please follow the link below to live schedule

Hackpad Schedule

Table Based Schedule

What follows is a potentially out of date schedule based off the Hackpad. Please use the Hackpad for the most up-to-date copy. The following is provided for those with Mobile Phones.

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Time 301A 301B 302A 302B 307A 307B 308A 308B 310A 310B GB1 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB5 GB6 GB7 GB8 GB9 GB10 GB11
11:20  Wikipedia diversity and business topics - Do we need more editor diversity to improve the coverage of business topics? Are business topics on our radar? Should they be? Outreach- How to Use Twitter to Increase Wikipedia Editors: @Taghreedat & The Arabic Wikipedia Experience In the MENA Region Outing the Censors: Wikimedia should reveal which pages are blocked in each country -- Rotem --  Massively-Multiplayer Online Bibliography/Wikisource Hyperlibrary/ WikiJournal Evangelizing GLAM and engaging external partners in Wikipedians-in-Residence   Tools, gadgets, bots, and toys - showcase! (3 minutes per tool) Notability - DGG Notability, if needed - DGG Everything you don't know about Consensus and Dispute Resolution.  Along with 2 other tables for the WCA committee discussions
12:20  Templates (Infoboxes): rationalisation and metadata emission (4) AND Wikidata History of the Murder of Meredith Kercher Article Wiki Medicine Metadata, Journals, Open Access Week, OCLC Cataloging Gateway Wikisource AND FRBR – Massively-Multi New search/filter tool How to use Article Feedback to improve your articles  COI & paid editors  - DGG The narratives of Wikipedia and The narratives of the Arab Spring, what similarities. Wrapping up the WCA committee discussions
14:20 Drupal & Mediawiki - Removing the Wikipedia cms path dependency  Article Rescue Squadron Interactive 3D models on Wikipedia
15:20 New Page Patrol -- DGG New search/filter tool