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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

I present to you: Dimi! He's glad to attend Wikimania. Who knew volunteer work would get you to D.C.?

He likes deconstructing stereotypes and then reconstructing them for the sake of amusement. He likes vintage turntables and enjoys free software. Hence he feels conflicted between (Category: hipster) and (Category: nerd). Anyhow, feel free to indulge in voyeurism and poke around some stuff he's been doing:

metadata about user

political scientist, coffee addict, global villager

speaks: English, German, Bulgarian, French (the last one still in need of some retoucheing)
understands plenty and can complain in: Spanish and Polish

quick facts

  • Attending Wikimania Takes Manhattan (July 6-9), the Hackathon (July 10-11), Main Conference (July 12-14), and the Unconference (July 15).
  • Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, lived there, in Libya, in Poland and am currently finishing my MA in Austria.
  • Enjoy code, understand most of it, but I couldn't invent new stuff or solutions myself.
  • My strength is in the linguistics department. Able to translate: EN-DE-BG in any direction and from FR-ES-PL to the first three.
  • I am really interested in the social, political and philosophical implications of things.