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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

The same Oop as in et:Kasutaja:Oop, en:User:Oop, and meta:User:Oop. Board member of Wikimedia Eesti (WMEE), and admin in Estonian Wikipedia.

If anyone has questions about Wikimedia Eesti or Estonian Wikipedian community, just ask - preferrably, though, on my userpage in Estonian Wikipedia. You can follow us (somewhat shakily) on meta:Wikimedia Eesti News.

I'm interested in Wikimedia Chapters' Association, regional cooperation, providing kickstart to small Wikipedian communities, Wikipedia accessibility solutions for bind people, and QRpedia projects. On the last category, I'm driving one myself, covering my current home city Tartu, Estonia. Quite naturally, it is called Tartupedia.