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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

Wikimedia and Wikipedia

Hi to all Wikimedia, Wikipedia users and all our fans. My name is Rudolf Smehyl in the WM projects slovak editor Rudko. In Wikipedia I`m active since year 2008 just starting with translation of one article in german to slovak with the topic ecology. Later I worked on the controvers themes like female/male and history of prostitution and some linked themes. The next interesting article was about the austrian-hungary soldier and probably also russian (italian and french) spy Alfred Redl. Than I found my interest for TranslateWiki and for the image project Wikimedia Commons. After that I dont write anymore so much in Wikipedia just if I sometimes have time and in that time I`m working on huge article about Dortmund. The reason for this is that since 2010/2011 I organised the founding process of Wikimedia Slovakia. That was luckily sucessfull and we (thanks to the others) founded the organisation in december 2011. On first assembly I was elected vice president of the organisation. After election I participated on two small education projects for Slovakia. The next bigger education project and one article for the magazine about Wiki Loves Monuments is in the pipeline.

Real life

In the real world I´m german-based (Dortmund) and work like freelancer in advertising and marketing (texter) and I´m translator and interpretor slovak/german/slovak language. The translator/interpretor job make me a lot of fun. Advanced to this we work with some mayor leading people from the city Dortmund (City Dortmund, Criminal Police of City Dortmund, Police of City Dortmund, NGEOs, Healthy Departement) on tasks to prevent disseases and criminality in (in Germany legal) prostitution. I´m competent especially for male prostitution. Last two years I also write short stories and I got prize in one literary competition of Ministry of Culture in Slovakia. Since 2011 I write articles for the magazine Múzeum which is edited by The Slovak National Museum. For the future is my wish to corespondate with some newspaper redactions. In my free time I go to the cinema, read books (of course), participate on win competitions and travel a lot (always when is possible).


For direct contact just dial 0049/173/7143408 or write an e-mail to rudolf.smehyl@yahoo.de or leave a massage on my discussion board on the slovak mutation of Wikipedia.