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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA


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Languages: Arabic (Native)
Interests: Tennis,
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
My Studying,
Voluntary Work,
Enrique Iglesias
Egypt "My Country"
Aleandria "My Town (The Best Town)"
Places I wish to visit some day

About myself


I am Ahmed Abdel-Salam My Friends Call Me Sarouk7. Sarouk7 in Arabic Means Rocket in English My Birthday was in Alexandria 20/08/1990 in El-Shatbi Hospital and it's the next Building to The Bibliotheca Alexandrina maybe that's the reason I love The Bibliotheca That much I am Studying Engineering in Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University I also Work as a volunteer in bibliotheca Alexandrina Especially in the PSC I worked in more than 50 international and local Event (Conferences, Workshops, Festivities) and Also in wikimania 2008 it was the Best Conference in my Whole life I meet there a lot of nice people who Teaches me a lot in the Conference days as

I am the Third one from the Right

And more Sorry For the people I forget them but they are in the heart not the mind

My Contacts

  • Address: Miami, Alexandria, Egypt
  • E-mail:
  • A7med_iglesias@yahoo.com
  • ahmed.abd.elsalam@student.alx.edu.eg
  • rocket.wiki@gmail.com
  • A7med.iglesias@hotmail.com
  • Facebook: Ahmed Abd el-salam My Profile