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Hello! I am Samuel Klein. For a quick response, please find me on wikipedia.

Murder of Meredith Kercher Submission

Hi Sj, thanks for supporting my bid for a presentation at Wikimania 2012 about the Murder of Meredith Kercher article.
You ask, "Sj (talk) Awesome topic. Have you also considered organizing an informal lunch event/workshop about this?"
I would love to participate in some sort of workshop/event related to this topic. Those of all POV would of course be welcome. I hadn't planned on organizing anything as this is my first Wikimania and I don't have as good an idea of how it all works as someone who might have attended previous events. I did do a presentation on this topic at one of the New York City Meetups but it was just a "5 minute Lightning Presentation" which really wasn't enough time.
Tell me what is the best way to proceed. PhanuelB (talk) 00:21, 21 March 2012 (UTC)Reply

Merging proposals

Totally. I think we would have a really great talk if and only if there were a critical mass of malcontents, so please continue banging the pan! Do you want to make a page to coordinate between the "What is Wrong" proposals?

Can we agree on a workshop format, short intro and splitting into interest groups? I see you proposed a panel, but considering the submissions you're hoping to gather together, this would probably lead to repetition and incoherence, IMO. My hope is to galvanize the audience into reflection and action, and I think interactivity is key to our success, let's make this a metaphorical example of how Wikipedia might right itself, with the right kind of help... Nobody will be left breathing after listening to an hour of different people's "what is wrong" ranting... The interest groups could appoint scribes, who take notes in Etherpad or other technology which represents the promise of what future Wikipedia could be if they hire more developer resources ;)

Material for the intro talk-- The directions you suggest in your summary are also the coordinates which have been punched in by Wikimedia (cf mw:Wikimedia_Engineering/2012-13_Goals). Is the intent to alert users to a problem, focus efforts around existing initiatives, or vet new solutions?

  • Whither the dream of collaborative knowledge production? Is this being captured by another service?
  • Mobile and offline, new voices on the scene, most of the world does not buy the smartphone.
  • Myths and realities about wikipedia's trajectory
  • How to recognize an uninviting party, and do something about it
  • Opportunities for growth. Unexplored strategies. Reforms.
  • Structure of growth (locuses, feedback, agonistic or antagonistic)

Thanks for the great work, Adam Wight 09:21, 28 March 2012 (UTC)Reply