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  • Hi, I'd like to get involved in the offline development. I've already made a few attempts in this direction, mostly by repacking other people's .xml.bz2 reading code as a mediawiki extension. Kiwix is great and I'd like to know how our different strategies might become better aligned. Adam Wight 07:16, 14 February 2012 (UTC)Reply
Hi Adam, right, that's why I am proposing this workshop. This is by the way not "my" workshop, the proposal is that the mentioned (and others I don't know yet) teams who deal with Offline join together to present themselves and discuss possible interactions and collaboration. At the same time this Offline meeting should give further pointers of which project is what and where can I contribute to the interested audience who is not (yet) part of any of these projects.
The openZIM project by the way was one of my efforts to bring together the projects in a technical way: By providing a good storage method and an abstract, easy to use library which leads to a consolidation of data formats used. The goal is that all offline reader tools could use ZIM files and all ZIM file publisher would do their work for everyone, not only for a specific product. So content can be shared among users, platforms and readers (software products). --Manuel Schneider 11:25, 14 February 2012 (UTC)Reply